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~more my photos&edits here~

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Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

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Only love can save me and love has destroyed me.

Sarah Kane, Crave (via rabbitinthemoon)

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You are so vulnerably haunting. Your eeriness is terrifyingly irresistible.

Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena (via rabbitinthemoon)

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John Milton, Paradise Lost

John Milton, Paradise Lost

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Happiness is in the quiet, ordinary things. A table, a chair, a book with a paper-knife stuck between the pages. And the petal falling from the rose, and the light flickering as we sit silent.

Virginia Woolf, The Waves (via diluvie)

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We would rather be ruined than changed…


We would rather be ruined than changed…

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'But there was no need to be ashamed of tears, for tears bore witness that a man had the greatest of courage, the courage to suffer.'

- Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning.

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